Monday, 7 January 2013

Meal Planning Monday - 7th January 2013

As part of my must-blog-more New Year's resolution, I'm determined to get back in the habit of taking part in Meal Planning Monday's again. It's a simple concept set up by Mrs M of the brilliant blog, At Home with Mrs M, where bloggers share their meal plans for the week ahead and it's a great way of finding a bit of inspiration.

I was doing this regularly for a while but I've had a look at my old posts and, unbelievably, the last time I took part was in June last year! Seriously, where did the time go?

So here's my plan for the week ahead. There are a lot of old favourites on the list this week but over the next few weeks I'm planning on putting my new cook books to good use and trying out a few new dishes. 

Monday - Random stir fry using noodles, veg, pork and some stir-fry sauce from the supermarket

Tuesday Nigella's Chinatown Chicken Salad

Wednesday - Veggie Enchiladas

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes

Friday - Probably takeaway

Saturday - Pastitsio

If you would like to submit your own meal plan or find some more inspiration then have a look at Mrs M's blog, At Home with Mrs M, and add your own link.


  1. A lovely variety. Good luck with blogging more, finding time can be tricky! x

  2. Yum, veggie enchiladas! Great plan x

  3. Loving the look of your meals this week

  4. Lovely to have you back! :) Your blog looks great. And so does your meal plan - need to do a search for that Nigella recipe :)

  5. I've meant to try that Nigella recipe for ages - you've inspired me to make it! Thanks for joining in.