Saturday, 12 January 2013

A 3rd Birthday Cake & Cupcakes

Although I said in my last post that I'm a bit sick of cake, that doesn't mean I'm not still making them.  For other people anyway.  Before Christmas I agreed to make a birthday cake for a work colleague of MrHaPoC. I was initially reluctant as while I love making cakes and even stretch to a little decorating for my own children's birthdays, making cakes for other people is a whole different ballgame. The pressure to get it right is multiplied as the thought of messing it up and letting someone down is not a nice thought!

However, after making it clear that I'm by no means a professional cake maker and deciding on a cake design similar to one I'd done before I agreed to take on the task and I thought I'd share a few pictures of the results! Apologies for the less than brilliant picture quality - at the time I was too wrapped up in making the cakes and delivering them to their destination in one piece to consider digging out my dslr.

The main cake is just a basic vanilla sponge (recipe from Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess) filled with jam and covered with a vanilla buttercream. After applying the decorated topper, I then used some pink icing and my trusty Tala icing syringe to pipe some stars around the top and the bottom.

I can highly recommend the printed toppers as a great way of adding decoration to a cake without too much trouble.  You can find them on ebay and there are a huge variety of pictures and styles to choose from. As above, you can often get them personalised with names and ages too. They are either made from rice paper or very thin, solid, icing but I find the icing variety look a bit better.

I had also agreed to provide a dozen iced cupcakes. Luckily these didn't cause me too much stress - the cakes all rose nicely and didn't come away from the papers as has happened to me in the past. I haven't quite mastered the perfect icing swirl but I was still fairly happy with the result and once the final decorations had been applied (see below) I think they look pretty good.

Aswell as the topper for the large cake the lady who placed the order had also supplied me with some decorations for the cupcakes, again available in lots of different varieties on ebay. The princesses and the butterflies both come printed on sheets of rice paper which means you need to set aside a bit of time to carefully cut them out. I was pleased with how they turned out though.

I think when everything was put together it looked pretty effective and mostly importantly the recipient was happy!

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