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About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I'm a food-loving Jersey girl living in Suffolk with a passion for all things food-related.  I originally started this blog primarily as a reference for me so I had a way of remembering past recipes and the ingredients I used to help me use up leftovers. That function still remains and to date I've mostly been writing about recipes from the many cookbooks I own but I own but I'm also working on developing my own recipes and thinking up new combinations. 


I've always said that I didn't want my blog to be covered in adverts and that still stands, however I have recently taken the decision to become an Amazon Associate.  All that means for my readers is that if I'm referring to a book I might include a link to the Amazon website.  If you use that link and then make a purchase from Amazon I get a small commission.  Hopefully this won't prove to be too intrusive but any feedback is always welcome!

Product Reviews

From time to time companies send me products to review and write about.  I try to limit these to products I would happily purchase myself although from time to time I might try something new.  I don't receive any payment for this and will always be honest when giving my opinion.  

Contact me

Email me at hfranj@btinternet.com