Friday 29 April 2016

Review - South Kiosk -Martello Park, Felixstowe

Last Sunday we took a trip over to Felixstowe which, although I've lived in East Anglia for twenty year, I've somehow never managed to visit before.

Our destination that morning was the South Kiosk in Martello Park, which is a lovely, family-friendly area right next to a row of beach huts overlooking the sea. The owner Kim was celebrating two years running South Kiosk and had invited me along to see what they do.

On arriving at the South Kiosk the first thing that confronts you (other than the sizeable queue that was almost permanently present during our visit) is a very temping array of goodies. Scones, sausage rolls and a variety of cakes are laid out ready to be served.

Kim gave us a lovely selection of food and drink to sample. Top of list has to be the freshly made sausage rolls, which were delicious with plenty of sausage filling. These were gone in moments!

Luckily we still had room for the delicious Lemon and Chocolate Cakes. Both were lovely but opinion was divided on which was best - two of us were sure that the lemon was the nicest, but the other two preferred the chocolate!

This was just a small selection of the lovely array of goodies on offer. The gluten-free apricot bars looked delicious, as did the basket of golden scones and tempting layer cakes.

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Felixstowe and we will definitely be returning to South Kiosk when we next take a trip to the coast. Thanks again to Kim for inviting me over to visit. Hopefully you'll be serving up your delicious cakes and sausage rolls for many years to come!


  1. After what I've seen on Facebook today, I think these people will be losing a lot of business and rightly so.

  2. I saw the post on Facebook too and I agree it didn't come across very well : ( A shame as the food really was very nice.