Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hotel Chocolat - Easter Egg Review

I was very excited to find another delicious parcel on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago - a fabulous Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg.

This particular specimen goes by the name of The Eggsibitionist, which is one of Hotel Chocolat's fantastic range of Extra Thick Easter Eggs. Wrapped up in a handsome, sturdy box and bound with black ribbon, it consists of a chunky milk chocolate Easter Egg cleverly hiding a dozen dinky little miniature eggs. The mini eggs come in six varieties...

Caramel Egg - Liquid caramel in a 50% milk chocolate shell

Milk Praline Egg - Smooth hazelnut praline in a 40% milk chocolate shell

Mousse au Chocolat Egg - Dark and rich chocolate ganache in a 70% dark chocolate shell

Strawberry Egg - Sweet white chocolate shell covering a delicious strawberry ganache

Vanilla Custard Egg - Soft and custardy vanilla ganache in a smooth milk chocolate shell

Chocolate Brownie Egg - Milk chocolate shell surrounding hazelnut praline and cocoa crispies

Don't ask me to pick a favourite - they were all equally gorgeous!

The egg itself is a wonderfully thick shell made from Hotel Chocolat's classic milk chocolate. which I think is fast becoming my favourite. It's milk chocolate without a doubt but with just a hint of darkness in the background to counterbalance the sweetness.

This egg was a real hit with me and my husband (I generously shared some of it!) and, although not the cheapest egg on the market, with 400g of chocolate in the box you do get a lot for your money. If you're looking for something special to buy someone who loves chocolate this Easter then this would fit the bill perfectly.

You can find details of the full range of Hotel Chocolat's Easter Eggs and Easter Gifts here.

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