Monday, 11 April 2011

Meal Planning Mondays - 11 April 2011

Ever since Mrs M began posting her weekly meal plans on her blog, At Home with Mrs M, I've been intending to follow suit, however life, as always, has got in the way and this only my second post on the subject. I meant to post my meal plan last week but I'd just returned from a few days holiday and was still in that "really wish someone else was doing the cooking" phase and my foodie mojo was nowhere to be seen. I've since spent some quality time with a generous pile of cookbooks and now have a to-cook list that should last me a couple of weeks.

So, the plan this week is as follows:

Monday - I am out having dinner cooked for me - hurrah

Wednesday - Smoked Mackerel & Salad

Thursday - Out again to celebrate my husband's birthday and my parent's visit - double hurrah. I think we've decided to go to The White Horse in Whepstead, just outside Bury St Edmunds

Friday - Potato, Bacon and Blue Cheese salad - stolen, I confess, from Mrs M's meal plan last week. I made this week last week and liked it so much that I intend to make it again already.

Saturday - Gnocchi with pesto, chicken and tomatoes

Sunday - Cottage Pie and Veg. After a lot of searching I finally have a go-to recipe for this which I must blog about sometime soon.

I will also do a pudding at some point but I'm not sure what yet. I loved the Lemon Meringue Pie I made on Saturday so much (please don't ask how much of it I ate) that I may make it again, or maybe the Chocolate Key Lime Pie I made a few weeks ago. Or maybe I'll just find something new!

What are you planning on cooking this week? Do let me know by leaving a comment or, if you've done your own blog post, add it to the bottom of Mrs M's weekly post.


  1. Mmm, some lovely things planned! Glad you like the potato, bacon and blue cheese salad - it's lovely isn't it? Very simple but really tasty. I'm thinking about making the chocolate key lime pie at the weekend.

  2. So very organised, even if it is the first time you've managed it. Vegetable enchiladas sound delicious - maybe I should get a plan together and force me into cooking more than soup in the evenings.

  3. I am not organised at all lately, had done a meal plan but then had the lergy so once again it went out of the window! The salad sounds lush!

  4. I do a meal plan weekly too (one curry, one pasta, one vegetarian dish etc), but I never seem to do the dishes I planned on the nights I wanted. I do it to ensure I get a decent amount of variety in my dinner - or my lazy streak would ensure I had sausages, spag bol and pork chops every week of my life :0)