Friday, 3 April 2009

The Creme Fraiche Challenge - Recipe No 3

Tomato, Red Onion and Creme Fraiche Tart

I was trying to think of a creme fraiche recipe for my Creme Fraiche challenge that didn't involve pasta or mushrooms when I remembered a lovely tart recipe. I found this recipe in Delicious magazine some time ago and have made it two or three times now. The first time I made it I thought the recipe used far too many tomatoes so since then I have just used 250g and have much preferred the end result.

Making this recipe has reminded me of a couple of useful pastry-making tips!

Tip No 1 - If you can't be bothered with messy flour on your worktop or are struggling with cracking pastry just put the pastry between two big pieces of cling film and roll away!

Tip No 2 - Always keep a few scraps of raw pastry to one side. Then, if your cooked pastry case comes out of the oven with a crack or two in it you can just cover them up with a bit of raw pastry. Don't worry about the raw pastry, it will cook when the tart goes back in the oven.

This is a really delicious tart. The onions give a lovely sweet, rich flavour which is nicely balanced with the creamy filling and sharp tomatoes. This is a recipe which takes bit of time to put together but rest assured, your efforts will be rewarded!

You can find the recipe here on Delicious Magazine's website.

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