Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tomato & Thyme Cod

This is just a quick post to recommend a lovely fish recipe I stumbled across recently. I found it on the BBC Good Food website which is a fantastic source of inspiration if you're looking for some new recipes to try out.

Anyway, I've been making a conscious effort to eat a bit more fish recently and this dish is a simple and healthy way to go about it. It involves nothing more strenuous than chopping an onion and, if even that is a stretch, then I recommend those bags of ready chopped onion that you can store in the freezer. Perfect for those weekday evenings when you just want something quick and easy.

You can find the recipe here.


  1. Helen - this looks really easy. Great photo.

  2. Yum! This looks so tasty, I could dive my fork right in that!