Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Clandestine Cake Club - Bury St Edmunds - 18th May 2013

On Saturday 18th May the Bury St Edmunds Clandestine Cake Clubbers got together for their biggest meet yet. Sixteen of us gathered in the wonderful surroundings of the Greene Room bar at the Theatre Royal, a beautiful building in the centre of town.

Ready and waiting...

As May marks the first anniversary of me setting up the Bury St Edmunds cake club we celebrated with a Birthday Bonanza theme. We had a wonderful selection of cakes to choose from, with a definite emphasis on chocolate!

Here are some pictures of the fourteen fabulous cakes we indulged in (apologies to Nathalie and Ruth for the poor photos of their cakes - I must have been in too much of a hurry to tuck in!)....

Amelia's Carrot & Ginger Cake

Emma's Lemon Cake

Trish's Birthday Cake

Barbara's Chocolate Cake

Chrissi's Cartoon Birthday Cake

Rene's Chocolate, Date & Hazlenut Cake

Helen's Carrot Cake

Sophie's Devil's Food Cake

Pat's Raspberry Bakewell

Ruth's Chocolate Box Cake (front of picture - apologies for the blurriness)

Katherine's Cupcake Cake

Shauna's Brooklyn Blackout Cake (renamed the Grand Canyon!). As you can see from the picture Shauna's cake didn't quite turn out as expected but this just proved what the CCC is all about, ie sharing cakes and the stories that go with them even if things don't go to plan! Oh, and it tasted amazing!

Nathalies' Chocolate Amaretto Cake (at the rear of the picture)

My Chocolate Marshmallow Cake

A big thanks again to the Theatre Royal for being such welcoming hosts.

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  1. Wish emma would cook me a cake like that!!! - xxx - LUL - Emma's dad