Monday, 12 September 2011

Meal Planning Monday - 12th September 2011

Well the summer holidays are over, everyone is back to school or work and I'm gradually getting used to the routine again. Hopefully that routine will include a bit more blogging that of late - my last post was on the 22nd of August (although I have fitted in a holiday between then and now) and I haven't done a Meal Planning Monday post since the 18th of July! Where has the time gone?

So let's kick things off again with my meal plan for this week. As always I hope to fit in some baking at some point but I haven't decide what as yet.

Wednesday - M&S Vegetarian Kievs with Rice and Veg

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes

Friday - Bacon and Vegetable Pasta

Saturday - Chicken Korma with Rice and Veg

Sunday - Nigella's BBQ Mince

If you want to share your foodie plans for the week just leave a comment below or post a link on Mrs M's blog, At Home with Mrs M.


  1. Nigella's BBQ mince sounds interesting - have you made it before and which book is it from?

  2. Hi Helen, it's from Nigella's Kitchen book and I have made it before. It's just a different take on a bolognese sauce but I follow Nigella's suggestion and serve it with tortilla chips which makes it a bit more interesting!