Monday, 18 July 2011

Meal Planning Mondays - 18th July 2011

Two blog posts in one night - how about that! I'm getting a bit behind with my posts at the moment so while I'm in the mood I thought I might aswell make the most of it.

Last week's menu went almost to plan, except for Wednesday when I threw in the towel/apron and gave in to chips and curry sauce from the local Chinese. Boy they were good though. I was a day out from then on and never made the Barbeque Mince I had planned for Sunday so we had the mince for tea tonight instead.

I was very pleased with the two new recipes I made last week - the Harissa Lamb Tacos that I posted about earlier and the lovely Zucchini Bread I wrote about on Friday. Both turned out to considerably nicer than I expected which is always a happy occurrence in my world.

So on to this week. Apart from the Chicken Adobado, a recipe from my very underused copy of Mexican Food Made Simple by Thomasina Miers, there's nothing hugely exciting on my list this week. There's a couple of new cake recipes I have my eye on though so watch this space.

Monday - Pasta Bolognese (not entirely homemade I'm afraid)

Tuesday - Chicken Adobado (marinated chicken)

Wednesday - Omelette and Salad

Thursday - Jacket Potatoes and Salad

Friday - Aubergine Pasta

Saturday - Don't know yet

Sunday - Cottage Pie

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