Sunday, 28 February 2010

Chocolate Snowballs

A little while ago I had a sudden craving for a long unused recipe. When I was young we made these quite a lot but it's been many years now since I last made a batch. They are called Chocolate Snowballs but the nuts and coffee provide the more dominant flavours. I suppose you could call them a truffle of sorts and are great served after dinner but they're not so rich that you wouldn't be happy giving them to children aswell (although beware of those nut allergies!).

And the source of this recipe - Delia? Nigella? A food magazine? Er no. Although it pains my inner food snob slightly I can reveal that this recipe was, in fact, sourced from...

...a Mr Men Annual circa 1985.

What can I say. Judge me when you've tried them!

Chocolate Snowballs
(adapted from...ahem...a Mr Men Annual)

100g/4oz porridge oats
100g/4oz soft margarine
75g/3oz caster sugar
50g/2oz chopped mixed nuts
3 tsps cocoa powder
1 tsp instant coffee
icing sugar

1) Mix together the oats, margarine, caster sugar, chopped nuts and cocoa

2) Mix the coffee with 3 teaspoons of cold water. Add to the mixture and stir together

3) Roll the mixture into walnut sized balls. Sieve some icing sugar onto a plate and rolls the balls in it to coat.


  1. I loved Mr Men and bought the entire book collection for my son when he was little. These look really yummy and anything Mr Men has to be good, right?


  2. Very excited about finding this - been trying to remember how to make them for ages! Thanks so much for posting. Awesome!


  3. Awesome work indeed Helen! I searched last year to no avail, and thought the chances of discovering this recipe once more were gone for good. Boy am I glad i bothered to search again. They were just as delicious as I remember. Yum! Now I'm Mr Happy

  4. Omg I used to steal my friends annual just toe this recipe. Didn't hink I'd find it online. Yippee!!