Friday, 3 July 2009

A dangerously simple recipe

I am cursed with a terrible affliction - I call it chocolate telepathy.

Chocolate speaks to me you see. I hear it calling to me from far off places....the cupboard, the supermarket, the freezer (see below). Against my will the little voices draw me in, enticing me, encouraging me, until I'm helpless to resist. I hear stories of people leaving chocolate untouched in their cupboards for days, weeks even, but I don't believe them.

Today I am suffering at the hands of this little recipe that I found in Nigella Express (I know....Nigella again). Make it at your peril!

Chocolate Pistachio Fudge
(adapted from Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson)

350g dark chocolate (min 70% cocoa solids), chopped
1 x 397g can condensed milk
30g unsalted butter
pinch salt
150g pistachios, chopped

1) Melt all of the ingredients, apart from the pistachios, in a heavy based saucepan over low heat, stirring regularly.

2) Mix in the pistachios (as you can see from the picture I substituted the pistachios for raisins and was more than happy with the result).

3) Pour into a 23cm foil tray (or any tin of similar proportions) and smooth the top.

4) Leave in the fridge to cool then cut into bite-sized pieces.

5) The fudge can now be stored in the freezer presumably with the intention of keeping for a reasonable length of time. Good luck with that.


  1. :D That is a terrible affliction. And I know just what you mean about people who have chocolate lying around - how is that possible?! That fudge looks even less likely to survive for more than about 5 minutes. I think it sounds much better with pistachios than raisins. Might well have to give it a try when after a hard day!

  2. Put it in the freezer - makes it last longer as you don't see it everytime you open the fridge. I've made this lots for presents a Xmas time and always goes down a treat.

  3. Storing it in the freezer helps it last a bit longer as you don't see it everytime you go to the fridge!! I've made this lots as presents at Xmas and always goes down well.

  4. Ah yes, but unfortunately in my case out of sight does not equal out of mind! : )

  5. Oh yes I also have this terrible affliction of chocolate. That fudge looks amazing and wouldn't last long with me around ;)

  6. Lovely fudge. I've made this one, keep meaning to try it with other nuts and fruit too.