Sunday, 7 June 2009

Birthday Cake

Yesterday we had a party for my daughter's 5th birthday and, of course, if there's party then there has to be a cake!  We came to the conclusion that a butterfly cake would be a good option (pink and pretty = happy Emma, not too difficult to make = happy Mummy!).

The basic shape is just a two layer sponge cake (filled with jam) which is cut in half down the middle, turned around and stuck back together to make the wings.  I then covered it with plain butter icing and piped on the decoration with pink butter icing using my trusty Tala icing syringe.  At first I just could not figure out how to recreate the shell pattern I was trying to copy from the picture I had but thankfully my Mum (cake maker extraodinaire) was on hand (via the telephone) to provide me with a bit of a masterclass and I was soon on my way.

I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned (and so was E which was the main thing) and it tasted good too.  I really recommend using a good raspberry jam when filling a layer cake as the slightly sharper flavour really balances out the sugary icing.

P.S. Please excuse the less-than-great photos.  The light in my kitchen was terrible and I couldn't fit the whole cake into my light box!


  1. Well done, the shells look really good. Thanks for the accolade! Mum xxx

  2. Looks amazing! Has inspired me to try and make one for Eva's birthday....

  3. So pretty! Love the squiggly patterns within the wings. Happy birthday, Emma!